We are just so sad about Notre-Dame


Dale texted me at work this afternoon, saying, “Notre-Dame is burning in a massive fire. They are trying desperately to save it…”

I had seen this as well, but I had to stifle my tears.  I didn’t want to cry in front of my co-workers. 

We visited Paris, and Notre-Dame, in 2015.  We loved the cathedral so much that we returned multiple times across those ten days and also took a tour of the bell tower.  Over the past few hours I’ve been trying to summarize in concrete detail why it was so special, and I’m failing.  Of course I wrote about the cathedral after the trip, and you can read about our experience and see lots of wonderful photos here.   But I’m at a loss to add anything more.

So I will just say this: Dale and I are heartsick about what’s happened to Notre-Dame, the heart of Paris.  We are sad for the city, for France, and for all of us, because Notre-Dame is one of those exceptional places that belongs to us all.


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