Adak, Alaska, Part 1: History, beauty and destruction

The map was useless. This backroad, like the others we’d driven that evening, had once led to somewhere relevant—a barracks maybe, or a bunker, or an underground hospital—but now it was no more than a groove in the tundra.

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Adak, Alaska: Eagles amongst the ruins

We’ve just returned from Adak, Alaska, a place that is equal parts rotting civilization and pristine wilderness.  You wouldn’t think the two could co-exist, but they do, in Adak, as evidenced by the the 300 or so bald eagles that call the island home.  Not only did we see them soaring high in the air and gliding near the water’s surface, but they also perched on the eaves of  decaying buildings and rusted street signs.  It was both beautiful and jarring.

Adak, Alaska
A collapsed home or barracks, complete with bunkbed frames

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