Seward, Alaska: Snowmageddon

The snow started Friday and didn’t stop until mid-afternoon Saturday.

We’ve never experienced so much snow.  Granted, that’s not saying much, but we heard old-timers in the grocery store commenting that it’s the most snow Seward’s seen in years.

And you know what makes it even better?  This:

No end in sight, baby

Dale is calling it Snowmageddon.

We would’ve been happy as pie to be snowed in, but there was one little problem.  Not realizing that it would look like this when we got up in the morning:

Our car is under there somewhere

…we had foolishly allowed ourselves to run out of both chocolate and wine.

So what did we do?

We dug ourselves out, of course.

Quick! Shovel like the wind!

I posted the picture above on Facebook, accompanied by this caption: “He shovels while I make snow angels.”  That wasn’t entirely true; while I did indeed make a snow angel, I also helped with the clean up.

Dale did most of the work, but I got the victory pose

After about two hours of heavy labor, the car was exhumed and we were headed for town.

We drove around Seward first, checking out the fresh snow:

A picnic table at one of the campgrounds
The road that runs adjacent to Waterfront Park and Resurrection Bay
The colorful, historic St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, which stands in stark contrast to the forest beyond

And then, after the crucial grocery store pitstop, we headed back home.

It may actually be state law that you can’t call yourself an Alaskan until you’ve survived a winter here (I’m kidding; it’s not).  Perhaps, if we survive Snowmageddon, we’ll be allowed to increase our status to full-fledged Alaskans before the spring thaw arrives.

Now that we’re stocked with the essentials, I say bring it on.



Random, butter-related note:

There was never any danger that we would run out of butter, seeing as we bought two cases of it when Costco ran a major sale back in November.  So there’s that.  (Read here if you don’t know about my obsession with butter.)