Random photos: Black bear in a tree

We’re not the only ones obsessed with bears.*

Our friend Bridget, who is a fellow transplant from the South and new to Alaska as well, has been on a mission to see bears all summer.  Just a little while ago, she posted on Facebook that a little black bear was up a tree near an office building in downtown Seward.  We rushed down there and were lucky enough to see it for ourselves.  It was indeed in a tree, leisurely eating leaves and berries.


We watched him for about ten minutes, along with other Sewardites and the police, who had likely been called to make sure he didn’t cause any trouble.  He eventually climbed down without incident.  Fortunately, he headed in the direction of the forest; unfortunately, there were several blocks of homes between him and the trees.  Hopefully he went straight home and didn’t get sidetracked by any other goodies along the way!


*For a peek at our bear obsession, go herehere, and here, and there are more posts about Katmai to come.

Random note: Bears have been active in Seward this summer.  Here’s a story from a few weeks back, about a black bear that entered first a downtown hotel and later a restaurant.  I love the photos, taken by a hotel staff member, of her fellow employee talking to the bear as if trying to reason with him.  Of course, it’s not good when a bear becomes so habituated that he’s pub crawling downtown, and I hope this cutie makes it through to winter.