Random Photos: Alaska from the air

We never take flying for granted.

Maybe it’s a result of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, when going on an airplane was still a big deal for most people, but we’re always thrilled to see familiar territory in a new way, and even the most mundane of terrain becomes fascinating at 30,000 feet.  And when the landscape is particularly spectacular, as is the case with Alaska, the flight becomes a gift laid out before our eyes.

This past weekend, Dale and I, along with our friend Jingyi, took a day trip to the northernmost town in the United States, Utqiaġvik, more commonly known as Barrow (the townspeople voted to change the name last year).  We flew on Alaska Airlines.

For reasons that I describe here, our Saturday flight ended up being rerouted back to Anchorage, and we didn’t make it to Utqiaġvik until Sunday.  That extra trip turned out to be a good thing, however, because it meant more time flying over Alaska and more jaw-dropping views of massive mountains and mighty rivers.

In all, we took four flights from one end of Alaska to the other over two days’ time, and here are some of our favorite photos from those flights!

Sagavanirktok (Sag) River, just outside of Deadhorse, AK
Sagavanirktok (Sag) River, spreading out across the Arctic tundra, just outside of Deadhorse, Alaska
Alaska pipeline in the Prudhoe Bay region
Alaska pipeline in the Prudhoe Bay region of Alaska (near the Arctic town of Deadhorse)
Yukon River as we approach Fairbanks, AK
The mighty Yukon River, viewed as we approached Fairbanks
A breathtaking view of Denali, North America’s tallest mountain.  Both its north and south peaks, as well as several massive glaciers, were on full display
Barrow, AK from the air
The town of Utqiaġvik (Barrow), with the Arctic Ocean beyond
One last view of the Great One, Mt Denali
One last view of the Great One, Denali.  We had the opportunity to see it from directly above, as our final flight took us right over the top of it.  Unbelievable