From Alaska, random thoughts about the road trip (It’s over!)

This is our baby (1997-2008). Dale has wanted to go to Denali National Park for as long as I can remember, and  he even suggested that we name our puppy after the mountain.  We thought about our Denali lots and lots during this trip!

I’m posting this a few days after leaving Denali National Park, where we tent-camped for ten days.  I have so much to share about Denali.  It’s one of the most special places on the planet.  People from all over the world visit and then keep coming back, again and again.

Ten days in Denali didn’t bring us anywhere close to knowing this six-million-acre park (it’s bigger than New Hampshire), and yet each day was so full that I could probably write a book about it.  There’s so much to talk about related to logistics, people, wildlife, history, activities, and the sublime beauty of the landscape.  All of that’s to come.

But first things first: this camping road trip is done.  It has been an amazing journey: two and a half months, over 9000 miles, nine states, two Canadian provinces and one territory, and far too few hot showers.  Besides being left with a dirty car, the contents of which are completely disheveled right now, we’ve had a thousand wonderful experiences and learned plenty of lessons about ourselves.   We saw just how little we could live off of and be happy (hint: it doesn’t take much), and we also learned our breaking points: camping outdoors was wonderful, right up until the point when it wasn’t.  Not coincidentally, our tolerance ran dry about the time that the non-stop rain started and the temperatures dipped close to, and then below, freezing.  When we wished our RV camping neighbors ill every time their furnace turned on, or when we stopped changing our clothes in a socially appropriate timeframe because it was just too cold to give a damn, that’s when we knew we were done.

Besides, Denali National Park has always been the culmination of this road trip.  We knew we wanted to see Denali; from there, we weren’t sure what would happen next.  We’re still not 100% sure, but we have a much clearer picture in our heads of what we want and where we want to do it.

I won’t share more until we have it all figured out; in the meantime, we’ll soon have another post about the Alcan, followed by numerous ones about our new favorite place, Denali!

One more look at our beloved girl, Denali