Another wildlife weekend in Seward, Alaska: more moose, eagles, and a humpback whale!

We drove to Anchorage yesterday for our monthly pilgrimage to Costco, and on the way we saw eight moose!  (We also saw three more around Seward today, but who’s counting…)

Like I mentioned in our last post, these enormous creatures have been seen along roadsides in high numbers this year due to heavy snows, so we were extra watchful.  Fortunately, all of the ones we spotted were well off the highway.

Mama and baby

And today we saw a humpback whale.

We’d heard talk of a whale in Resurrection Bay; staff and residents of the nursing facility where we work saw a humpback while on an outing last week.  It was hanging out near a seafood processing company that dumps its fishy refuse into the bay.

We’ve been doing waterfront reconnaissance ever since in hopes of spotting him.  Today, I heard a “whoosh” and looked over just in time to see him surface and then glide back under water.

I’m not sure what this big guy’s doing in Resurrection Bay; according to the National Park Service and other websites, humpback whales don’t usually arrive in Alaska until spring.

Whatever the reason, we were in awe.  He was moving away from town and toward the far end of the bay when we first saw him, and we followed him as far as we could.

Lowell Point Road, which runs along Resurrection Bay for a bit

Eventually the whale was beyond our view and we had to turn around, but we soon came upon this eagle, perched atop an evergreen, looking rather stately.


So that’s a summary of our weekend.  You’ll have to excuse the unabashed enthusiasm that’s flooding through our recent posts.  We are both wildlife and outdoor nuts, and since this is our first year in Alaska, it’s impossible to contain our excitement about these experiences.  And just wait…the bears will soon be out of hibernation!