On a beach in Portugal, November 2015

This blog started as a way to share our 2015 European trip with friends and family.  It has evolved into a love letter to our favorite topics: travel, wildlife, and beautiful places.  It’s an opportunity to share our passion for exploration and learning.

Here’s who we are:


I love writing more than just about anything, and it’s this infatuation, along with our desire to share our experiences, that led to this blog.  We have a passion for new places, cultures, and histories, and since we started Random Currents in 2015, I have become obsessed with putting together posts about the spots that have inspired, moved, or amused us.  The topics vary wildly, from Berlin’s Holocaust Memorials and the Palace of Versailles to Alaska’s adorable sea otters and the wonders of German beer.  I love going down nerdy rabbit holes when researching the places we’ve visited, and I may spend days or weeks on a post.  Then I get to hit ‘Publish’ and share with the world, which is pretty amazing.


Ever since I can remember, travel has been an important part of my life.  Growing up, my family would go on multi-week trips, exploring the US or visiting family.  We had relatives in Virginia and Massachusetts and often went to both states in the same excursion, with side trips along the way.  Other times, especially once we had an RV, we headed out west.  My brother moved to Alaska when I was around 15, so I also got my first taste of this great state as a teenager.  These family trips were usually 4-5 weeks long, and I really loved being on the road and seeing new things.  They instilled in me a love for travel.

Cheri shares this passion, and the opportunity to travel, whether for a weekend or for much, much longer, has always been important to us.  Now we get to share our travels with our audience.


We’re originally from Texas but currently live in Alaska, and we spend much of our free time exploring this amazing state.  We also write about the other places to which we’ve traveled, including Europe and different parts of the United States.  We’ve heard from readers that they enjoy going on this ride with us, and our goals are to inform, entertain, and maybe—for those who have a bit of the travel bug themselves—inspire.