On a beach in Portugal, November 2015

We’re Dale and Cheri, a couple originally from Texas who loves to travel and experience new places.  We’ve had BIG changes over the past two years.  In 2015, we quit our jobs, gave away most of our belongings, and left our home in Seattle to travel.  We spent thirteen weeks traveling Europe, visiting London, the Netherlands, Germany, Paris, South of France, Portugal, and finally, Spain, where, after seeing Barcelona, Madrid, and San Sebastian, we embarked on the Camino del Norte, spending five grueling, beautiful weeks hiking across northern Spain.

We returned to Texas in December 2015 to spend time with our families and figure out what to do next.  Where would we go?  We knew that we didn’t want to stay in Texas but had no clue as to where we actually belonged.  In an attempt to find the answer, we started a road trip in July 2016 that took us through the southwestern United States, Canada, and Alaska.  Somewhere along a desolate Yukon highway, we realized what we wanted–to move to Alaska.  It’s long been a part of our history (read the story here) and a dream that was never fully realized.

We moved in October 2016 and now live in the beautiful town of Seward, working side-by-side, Cheri as a speech pathologist and Dale as an admissions coordinator for a nursing home.  It’s our first time to work together, and we’re having a blast!  We also enjoy the process of becoming a part of this small Alaskan town.  On the side, Dale takes photographs, and Cheri writes blog posts about our travels and about life in Alaska.  Our goal is to see as much of this incredible state as possible during our time here.

We started this blog in 2015 and have been sharing our journeys ever since.  We hope you enjoy our stories!