Seward snapshot: A hungry moose

Since the heavy snows that fell last weekend, word-of-mouth had it that moose were out and about in Seward.  I hadn’t seen one since moving here and was hoping that my luck would change.  I wasn’t disappointed.

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Seward, Alaska: Snowmageddon

The snow started Friday and didn’t stop until mid-afternoon Saturday.

We’ve never experienced so much snow.  Granted, that’s not saying much, but we heard old-timers in the grocery store commenting that it’s the most snow Seward’s seen in years.

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Seward, Alaska: 10 facts about Steller sea lions

Photos and facts about this beautiful, fun sea creature, plus a comparison between sea lions and seals

Resurrection Bay is home to all manner of sea life, and every time we walk the waterfront trail, we see something, whether it’s eagles or otters or the occasional harbor seal.  A few weeks ago it was a gathering of eight Steller sea lions, which hung out in the same spot near shore for at least 20 minutes, socializing and vocalizing as sea lions are inclined to do.
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Seward, Alaska: Lost Lake Trail in the Winter

Admiring the view of Resurrection Bay and the town of Seward from Lost Lake Trail

With the combined effects of cold weather, new jobs, the snow, and the holidays, we basically spent the past month feeling like this:

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