Paris, France: Church of Saint-Sulpice

The base of the obelisk that is used as part of the Saint-Sulpice sundial, with the meridian line moving up the middle.  Various inscriptions are written on the base in Latin and French.  Look carefully and you’ll find where the text honoring the monarchy was removed during the French Revolution

This is one post in a series of articles about our visit to Paris.

With its beauty, romance, and history, Paris is one of those cities that was made for the Silver Screen.  Hundreds of movies have been set in the City of Lights, including some of our favorites—Midnight in Paris, Before Sunset, and Julie and Julia just to name a few, and all of these evoke the ephemeral magic that only Paris possesses.  And it’s because of a movie—The DaVinci Code—that we recognized the Church of Saint-Sulpice when we happened upon it during our trip to Paris.

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Paris, France: Random first thoughts


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This is one post in a series of articles about our visit to Paris.

Our trip to Paris got off to an awkward start.  After arriving by train from Hamburg, we found the Métro link to our hotel.  It was rush hour, and waves of Parisians were moving through the station and into and out of the cars.  I thought I had the whole Metro-riding thing down cold—after all, we’d been in Europe for a month now and were on our fourth country—but the car was packed, I was one of the last ones on, and my bulging backpack got caught in the door.  It closed on me like the clenched jaws of a bulldog, stubborn and unyielding.

I was trapped.

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