10 things we can do to help endangered sea lions (and the rest of the creatures that live in the sea)

Alaska’s Steller sea lions

Warning: This post contains sad and disturbing photos of injured and deceased sea animals.

In January I wrote a post about the adorable Steller sea lions of Resurrection Bay.  Unfortunately, they’re endangered.

It was only when I started learning about sea lions for the blog that I discovered this fact, and after some debate I decided that I should share the sad side of my sea lion research with you.  So here goes:

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Seward snapshot: Not ALL of the eagles are starving

Yesterday, I talked at length about the sad fact that Seward’s eagles are sick, so I thought I’d follow up with evidence that not all of them are starving.  Dale took a photo of an adult eagle last weekend that was posing majestically next to the bay, but he didn’t notice until he processed the photo that this bird had just finished a meal.

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Seward, Alaska: Our starving eagles

“Three more!” I cried, pointing to the birds perched in the tree.

Driving through a neighborhood near the waterfront, we were witnessing something unexpected—a large convocation of eagles.  They were sitting atop telephone poles, perched on satellite dishes and rooftops, and even—as we saw when we turned the corner—blocking traffic in the street.

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Another wildlife weekend in Seward, Alaska: more moose, eagles, and a humpback whale!

We drove to Anchorage yesterday for our monthly pilgrimage to Costco, and on the way we saw eight moose!  (We also saw three more around Seward today, but who’s counting…)

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Seward snapshot: A hungry moose

Since the heavy snows last weekend, word-of-mouth had it that moose were out and about in Seward.  I hadn’t seen one since moving here and was eagerly hoping that my luck would change.  I wasn’t disappointed.

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Seward, Alaska: 10 facts about Steller sea lions

Photos and facts about this beautiful, fun sea creature, plus a comparison between sea lions and seals

Resurrection Bay is home to all manner of sea life, and every time we walk the waterfront trail, we see something, whether it’s eagles or otters or the occasional harbor seal.  A few weeks ago it was a gathering of eight Steller sea lions, which hung out in the same spot near shore for at least 20 minutes, socializing and vocalizing as sea lions are inclined to do.
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Seward snapshot: A few of our resident bald eagles

Merry Christmas!  Our gift to you… bald eagles in a snow storm, taken on Christmas Eve.

Remember the juvenile eagle that dive-bombed us?  The one that I talked about in our last post?  Well, these may be his (or her) parents.  We have since discovered that there are at least four adult bald eagles living in Seward, plus the two juveniles.

What a sight they are.

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Dale and Cheri

Life in Seward, Alaska: A winter update

The weak winter sun shining through the trees on Lost Lake trail

Winter has settled in, and with it, so have we.

Nested is more like it.  We love our cozy little apartment, and we curl up here like two hibernating bears.

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An eventful first week in Seward, Alaska

A new job, a new home, a few bear attacks, and musings about the wonders of butter


We’ve been in Seward for a little over a week, and it’s been an eventful few days.  Here are the highlights:

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Meet our new hometown, Seward, Alaska

I’ll be honest: we knew almost nothing about Seward when we decided to move here.

On our trip from Homer back to Anchorage, we dropped by¹ and did a drive-through of the town (that didn’t take long).  I also met the team at the facility where I hoped to work, and I liked the place and the people instantly.  Seward also had a good word-of-mouth buzz, both from tourists we talked to at Denali and locals that we met in Anchorage and other places.  The latter carries extra weight—when an Alaskan tells you they like something within their state, you should pay attention.

That being said, the wise thing would’ve been to spend a little more time in Seward before moving all of our belongings cross country, committing long-term to a job, and moving to this tiny, remote town.  But that’s how we roll, man.

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